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SGM introduces the modular Giotto 1500 lighting and projection system

With a special patented application of DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, SGM has managed to combine the advantages of the generation of digital effects with its lengthy experience in designing moving head fixtures which, thanks to their brightness and speed, have become a standard in the most important live, theatre and television applications. Giotto Digital 1500 has the format of a moving head fixture designed and manufactured mainly for entertainment lighting, but it is equipped with an innovative all-digital system for the generation of graphic effects, while maintaining fundamental features such as fast movement, brightness, control standard and compact dimensions.
With Giotto Digital 1500, in a few moments, all designers can give their lighting new life and form, without being restricted by the ordinary use of standard gobos. Giotto Digital 1500 provides new creative prospects for light plots, which can exploit of a practically endless library of images and clips. In a few moments, the Giotto Digital 1500 effects library can be expanded via WiFi with normal files in .bmp, .jpg or *.avi-mpeg4.
The unit’s digital iris effects offer more precise shapes and higher speed than a mechanical iris. The digital module provides the unique possibility of creating any shape by changing the position of four digital blades, avoiding all the problems of mechanical beam shapers, such as dimensions, inaccuracy and blade focus.
The mechanical zoom changes the light beam, enabling it to be smoothly opened or closed independently from the digital zoom which affects the digital effects individually for each layer and enables the digital effect in the light beam. Giotto Digital 1500 also features a graphics engine able to handle images and/or clips in a library that can be freely updated via WiFi.
Effects are generated by means of two mergable layers. Each layer can freely use any clip or image of the library. Effect rotation, indexing and digital zoom can be applied individually to each layer.
A set of over-all effects can be applied to both layers: digital iris, digital beam shaper, 13 crossfade effects between the layers, brightness and contrast, black and white masking effect.
The modular concept on which Giotto 1500 series fixtures are based not only makes them exceptionally flexible to use: by means of the modules’ potential future updates, it will also be possible to easily integrate new functions, while still continuing to use the same fixture.
There are four different fixtures so far, Giotto Spot1500, Giotto Wash 1500, Giotto Profile 1500 and Giotto Digital 1500. The CMY module with CMY colour mixing system, linear CTO filter and DIMMER is common to all four types. The Digital module offers graphic processor (two simultaneous layers), expandable and customizable image (*.bmp or *.jpg format) and video clip (*.avi-mpeg4 format) library, and two customizable 6+5 colour +white wheels (digital configuration). The Digital Zoom Focus module provides high resolution focus and zoom optic, prisms, shutter and linear frost (Digital configuration).
Once the chosen version’s modules are assembled, the fixture’s electronics and the software will “identify” them and automatically adapt to suit them.
SGM Giotto 1500 Digital
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