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Reliabale wireless DMX for difficult application at Nobel Banquet

Wireless Solution Sweden AB delivered an interference-free DMX signal worthy of a King at the 2008 Nobel Prize Banquet. This is the highest profile event of the year in Sweden, as well as recognition worldwide, following the esteemed Nobel Prize Awards each year. It is always held in the Blue Hall of Stockholm City Hall on December 10. In addition to the King and Queen of Sweden, approximately 1,300 guests attend the event, and it is broadcast live on television.
Per Sundin was again called in as Lighting Designer for the event, an honor bestowed upon him for twelve consecutive years now. Ola Melzig was Production Manager, overseeing all aspects of lighting and video from build up through broadcast. The Blue Hall, where the banquet takes place, is an enormous space and the lighting is spread out in virtually every corner, high and low. The Nobel Committee questions the necessity of anything that detracts from the aesthetics of the room during the banquet, and DMX cable is one thing that’s easy to replace, as well as being a time saver. “W-DMX is a life saver at this event,” said Melzig, “In past years we’ve used it on moving lights that had W-DMX receivers built in. This year we had to light the Prince’s Gallery, where the King holds a reception for the Nobel Laureates. From front of house, The Gallery is on the other side of a room where the Nobel winners were interviewed on live TV, so we couldn’t run cable through there. The signal went through three very thick marble walls with no problem whatsoever.”
A W-DMX Generation 3 BlackBox S-1 transmitter was used in combination with a BlackBox B-500 booster and directional antenna. On the other side, a W-DMX BlackBox R-512 receiver delivered a perfect signal to 6 SGM Genio Mobile LED units. Inside the Blue Hall, W-DMX was used for an MDG Atmosphere fog machine which supplied special effects during the entertainment segments. Even in an environment thick with cell phones, live broadcast gear and numerous radios, none of the W-DMX controlled equipment ever lost signal.
“It’s just so important for equipment to be reliable for this event,” said Melzig, “and if a product helps us solve a problem, it makes it an easy choice.”
Nobel Orize Banquet 2008
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