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Coemar and White Light join forces at PLASA 2009

Infinity S spotlightPLASA 2009 in London not only saw the launch of Coemar's new products, the Italian lighting manufacturer also announced the appointment of London-based company White Light as exclusive UK distributor for the TV and theatre markets.
At PLASA Coemar and White Light showcased the entire set of professional and recently developed moving heads including the Infinity 'S' series (Spot, Wash, ACL) which debuted at LDI 2008. Also showcased were the Infinity "XL" series and the new 1500W Infinity Spot XL. The LiteLed range includes StageLite Led FX introducing led motorized optical plane (patent pending) with effects control and possibility to individually adjust, focus, dim and mix each of the led bars and cells on the unit.
The "Elegance" series, consisting of 17 LED architectural outdoor products, adds to the Coemar installation range. Other additions are represented by the professional 1500W strobe light C4, and a high tech toy for the professionals, the DR1+, conceived as a display replicator, which had its UK debut at Plasa09.
Coemar and White Light also previewed the innovative Infinity "M" series, which has been designed to be the next generation of essential moving lights. Housed in very small enclosures, the Infinity "M" series comprises Spot, Wash and ACL to introduce a new 'multi-lamp' approach.
Reacting to the requests of various service providers, this allows the unit to be compatible with both 575W and 700W lamps (including energy-saving lamps), increasing versatility and eliminating the need to stock both models.
The ∞ Infinity ACL S offers a newly designed ACL (Air Craft Landing) type beam designed to be the next generation of aerial effects generator for stage applications. The Infinity ACL S is the first moving ACL with proportional beam size control from 6° down to 1.5° and rotating aerial effects. Its 300W lamp in a small and light body delivers high output. Further features include split colour beam effects, colour changing via colour wheel and CMY, mechanical and electronic (zap) strobe, and a brand new cinema projector effect. The unit is also Artnet compatible.
The ∞ Infinity Spot S is designed to save space and power. This 300W spot comes with an aerial effects wheel (7 effects + open), one break-up wheel (7 break-ups + open), prism wheel for rotating and indexable 3D effects, as well as CTO, colour wheel (5 colours + open), CMY colour mixing system, zoom (7°-36°), iris, and a new horizontal profile simulator and cinema projector effect. It features low noise ventilation and the most modular and easy servicing design. It also is Artnet compatible.
Emitting light brighter than a 575 fixture in a package half the size, the 300W ∞ Infinity Wash S unit features the same patented beam effects as the Infinity Wash XL including moonflower effect, beam'o effect, and indexable rotating beam shaper. With a linear zoom range from 24° down to 4°, a CMY colour mixing system, CTO filter, colour wheel, and all-electronic power variables, this silent fixture is suitable for many applications.
The ∞ Infinity Spot XL is a 1500W unit which makes the most out of the new light source providing brightness and morphing effects. Superior 7° to 50° zoom, prism, proportional CTO, CMY, colour wheel, iris, mechanical strobe and electronic strobe (zap effect) are offered by this modular fixture.
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