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Arkaos launches KaosBox III visual synthesizer

The video technology company Arkaos launched its KaosBox III for live visual performances at the Prolight+Sound show 2004 fair in Frankfurt. KaosBox III is a console managing the content on large screens and allowing images and video to be used as easy as playing a tone on a piano.
Almost every major concert, fashion show, club or corporate event uses large screens as part of the stage layout. Creating spectacular content is a big challenge for designers and the hardware. Arkaos has developed its most advanced visual synthesizer yet; the KaosBox III. The bright blue housing incorporates hard- and optimized software to process multiple video streams and images in real-time without losing image quality. Three screens for previewing and monitoring of the output channel and up to four simultaneous camera inputs. An array of buttons, switches and sliders provide direct control of the more than 60 effects that are pre-installed. A piano keyboard triggers videos, images and effects.
"It has taken us eight years to fulfill the dream to create the ultimate tool for live visual shows. I was a musician playing in clubs when I first thought of the idea of using real-time video processing technology to combine the two most powerful art forms; music and visuals," says Marco Hinic, founder of Arkaos. "Integrating music and live video has a huge potential for artists, clubs and for stage designers. Innovative videojockeys are helping to push the development, and I would say that VJing is now where DJing was ten years ago," Marco Hinic continues.
The target groups for the KaosBox III are major venues, rental companies and event organizers. It will be used at concerts, clubs, fashion shows, corporate events and in TV studios.
Arkaos KaosBox III visual synthesizer
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