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Quiet 10mm LED video screens from Lighthouse Technologies

Showcased at ISE show 2005 in Amsterdam, the P10 and R10 10mm pixel pitch indoor LED video screens from Lighthouse Technologies have been specifically created for situations where noise levels need to be kept to an absolute minimum. The P10 was shown alongside the P16 i/o and R16 i/o (16mm indoor/outdoor), P6 and R6 (6mm), and M6-80 (monoblock LED panel).
The fanless design of both the P10 and R10 models gives a very quiet screen that spans a variety of applications from the lobby of a corporate business, acoustic concerts and conferences to studios and broadcast events.The P10, designed for permanent installations, is lightweight for ease of installation. Each panel weighs only 9.6kg, making it possible for a technician to install the screen single-handed.
Likewise, the new R10 rental product is lightweight and features a fast rig single kingpin design, to give quick set-up and strip down of the screen. With cost effectiveness always in mind, the R10 is compatible with all existing LVP1010D accessories.
Both models have been designed for easy maintenance with a clip-on IM (intelligent module) feature, which provides screwless maintenance on LED modules and ultra low power consumption: 100W/panel (average power consumption) at 2,000 Nits brightness.
Other features include 140-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle, 10,000 pixels per m2, 4.4 trillion colour capability, 14-bit processing depth, 50/60-frampersecond frame rate, proprietary SDI data input, M4 Technology, and a lifetime of 50,000 hours to half brightness.
Quiet P10 and R10 LED video screens by Lighthouse
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