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Ross Video launches Vision QMD/X production switchers at NAB 2008

Ross Video launched Vision QMD/X at NAB 2008, Las Vegas. Vision QMD/X is a family of production switchers and is the next step in the evolution of the Vision series which was launched at NAB 2007. “We are very excited about Vision QMD/X, “said David Ross, CEO. “Our development team continues to raise the bar and with QMD/X and we are providing an even broader set of tools that our customers can use to get their creative visions on the air.”
Vision QMD/X offers a choice of 7 different control panel models, 2 rackframe sizes and 3 configurations. The control panel models include the Vision 1 1 MLE 16 crosspoint button panel, Vision 1M 1 MLE 24 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2 2 MLE 16 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2M 2 MLE 24 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2X 2 MLE 32 crosspoint button panel, Vision 3 3 MLE 32 crosspoint button panel and Vision 4 4 MLE 40 crosspoint button panel.
The small chassis, QMD, is a compact 3RU, offering four full 4-keyer MEs and 48 Multi-Definition inputs. The large chassis, QMD-X, offers four full 4-keyer MLEs, 6 keys downstream, and 96 multi-definition inputs.
The 3 configuration options are Vision QMD/X Multi-Definition – full 4 keyer per MLE system, Vision QMD/X Multi-Definition – 2 Keyer per MLE system, and Vision QMD/X Standard-Definition – 4 keyer per MLE system.
“The Vision QMD/X series are the most powerful and flexible production switchers we make,” said David Ross. “The QMD rackframe with 4 MLEs in 3RU is truly remarkable and I am sure will be a favorite in mobile and live event applications in which space and portability are important.”
The Vision QMD/X production switchers will also be showcased at InfoComm 2008 LasVegas, booth C5628, Technologies for Worship Pavilion.
Ross QMD/X Production Switcher
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