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Eminence grants Adam Hall exclusive EU distribution

At prolight+sound show 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany, Eminence Speaker LLC announced the appointment of Adam Hall GmbH as its exclusive distributor for the European Union.
Eminence President Rob Gault stated, “We have worked closely with Adam Hall for nearly two decades. During that that time, they have been a key distributor for us in Germany, Hungary, Denmark, and Austria. We now look forward to the increased opportunities the expansion of our relationship will provide to the entire European Union.” David Kirby, CEO of Adam Hall commented, “We are very happy about the confidence Eminence has shown us with this step.”
Eminence loudspeakers and related products have been distributed throughout Europe since 1991. The brand has become well known by manufacturers of musical instrument and professional audio enclosures, as well as with distributors and music stores that offer loudspeakers as replacements, or upgrades. Eminence Export Manager, Gary Morrison explains the collaboration by stating, “Adam Hall recently opened one of the most technologically advanced distribution facilities we have ever seen. That technology, along with their impeccable service, location and well stocked shelves simply will allow European customers to obtain Eminence products faster and more affordably than ever before. In this market climate, we feel an obligation to make sure users of Eminence products can readily find them, purchase them, and be assured of quality and service long after the sale. Adam Hall is clearly the ideal partner in this regard.”
Also at Frankfurt, Eminence's Rob Gault nominated Adam Hall for their excellent distribution as member of the 'Million Dollar Club' and handed the trophy to David Kirby and Adam Hall's distribution manager Markus Jahnel (photo r.t.l.)
Markus Jahnel - David Kirby - Rob Gault
Markus Jahnel - David Kirby - Rob Gault
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