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Jam Industries completes the purchase of US Music Corp

Jam Industries has completed the purchase of US Music Corp. Rudy Schlacher, Founder and CEO of US Music Corp, stated “We are pleased to join forces with a strategic partner like Jam Industries Ltd who has a long successful history in the music industry and has been a long-term business partner with US Music for more than 20 years.” Rudy added, “It has been a thrilling and rewarding 40 year ride that has allowed me to realize my dreams and goals that would not have been possible without the support of our customers and suppliers. It is now time to hand the reins over to a valued and trusted partner.”
Marty Golden, Chairman of Jam Industries Ltd, commenting on the purchase of US Music said “It is with great pride that we have been able to come to an agreement with Rudy and US Music Corp that will enable US Music and its worldwide brands including Washburn, Parker, Randall, Eden and Oscar Schmidt to continue to grow and prosper going forward. We envision that US Music will operate as an independent and wholly owned subsidiary of Jam Industries under the guidance of its current president, Barry Ryan.”
In closing, Marty Golden stated “We are confident that we will be able to leverage our combined companies strengths and past successes to even greater results. In addition, we will continue to tap into Rudy’s creative and intuitive instincts as well as his supplier knowledge as we make the transition to the next chapter in US Music’s history."
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