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DP-7 set of microphones for drums and percussion

At winter Namm show 2007, Audix has intoduced its latest expansion to the line of DP-Series mic packages. The latest pack, the DP-7, is perfect for miking a 5 piece kit for both live and studio applications. As the name implies, the DP-7 contains 7 microphones. At the heart of the mic system is the popular D6 dynamic microphone for kick drum. For snare drum, the i-5 is provided; for rack toms there are two D2 mics, for floor tom there is a D4, and for overheads there are two ADX51 condenser microphones with pad and roll-off. Additionally there are 4 D-Vice rim mounting clips which eliminate the need for mic stands for snare and toms. The entire miking kit is packaged in a convenient aluminum carrying case.
Audix National Sales Manager, Gene Houck, states “Audix has really pushed the frontiers when it comes to drum and instrument microphones. With the introduction of the i5 last year, and the newly improved ADX51 condenser microphones, we have raised the bar even further. It has allowed us to reconfigure out drum mic packages so that they provide further value to our customers.“
Accessories for the DP Series packages include right angle XLR-XLR mic cable, the D-flex mounting clip, the D-Clamp clip for lug nut mounting, and the Stand-KD pedestal mic stand for use with bass drum and guitar cabs.
DP-7 set of microphones for drums and percussion by Audix
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