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Lightweight yet powerful Hartke HX112 HyDrive bass cabinet

At Winter NAMM Show 2010, Anaheim, the Hartke HyDrive family is expanding with launch of the new HX112 HyDrive cabinet, a lightweight, powerful solution that makes life easy for performing bassists.
HyDrive speakers fuse traditional paper and aluminum cones, giving players the warmth of paper and the punchy attack of aluminum. The HX112 features a single 12-inch, 300 watt HyDrive hybrid cone driver and a high frequency compression driver in a tuned, ported bass cabinet that weighs just under 30 pounds. Suitable for any playing style, the cabinet is dual-impedance, allowing a user to switch between 4 and 8 ohm impedances.
“The 1 x 12 bass cabinet traditionally has a warm, solid bottom end that’s tight sounding and never too boomy,” says Larry Hartke, founder of Hartke Systems. “So we’ve taken the HyDrive technology and built it into a 1x12 configuration. The result is a 300 watt bass cab with awesome bottom end that only weighs 30 pounds!” Adding a second HX112 will provide enough power to shake any stage. And to complement its lightweight portability, this cab also features inset side handles, removable casters and a steel grill for safe and easy transport.
Hartke HyDrive  HX112
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