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TonePros Tune-O-Matic II WD Music Products keeps launching replacements and innovations for various kinds of guitars and basses. TonePros are the new standard version of Locking Tune-O-Matic Bridges, Locking Stop Tailpieces and Locking Studs. They retain classic look and charm while providing the high performance necessary for today's professional guitarist.
The "patented pinch" is the sideways pressure that is applied from the strategically placed "tone screws" reducing "play" or wiggle of posts in their inserts. This reduction causes the posts to "freeze in place" resulting in a new solid connection between the strings, components, and guitar top transferring all resonance to the guitar body. When the resonance vibrations are fully transferred to the guitar body's "Tone Wood" it creates that "sweet style" sustain as opposed to the electronic kind.
An increased "contact area" is created the new locking designs to better coupe your guitar components. The more area that is coupled on your guitar components, the more string vibrations can be transferred. For years, guitars with wrap-around bridges have been cursed with the "lean" or tilt on their stud mounts. Since string tension was all that held them on, the only contact area was just a bit of the edge of the bottom flange, and just a bit of the lip of the stud top, and actually, often just a little contact with the intonation screws. TonePros Locking Studs provide full contact area of the bottom flange and of the stud top. There is no lean and components are completely locked solid to the guitar body.
The perferct set-up is completely preserved, which means no more readjusting your guitars action or intonation.
TonePros System II Components are found on the worlds best guitars, played by the world's best artists. WD Music supplies components of the highest quality, Standard OEM yet are priced the same or less than old version obsolete parts.

Diamond Plate Pickguards

Beautiful Diamaond Plate pickguardsFrom the metalworking wizards at Sharp Concepts, WD is pleased to introduce their stellar series of diamond plate guards, laser cut from diamond plate aluminum to the most exacting standards. Available in polished aluminum or black powder coated versions. Available models include replacements for Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Stratocaster (with 3 single coils, 2 single coils and one humbucker, 1 humbucker only, or 2 humbuckers), Telecaster (single coil and humbucker models), Gibson SG and Les Paul, MusicMan Stingray and Sterling, as well as control plates for Telecaster and Jazz Bass.


WPU 900 is a humbucker sized P90 style pickupThe WPU 900 is a P90 pickup in humbucker clothing. It will fit anyplace a humbucker fits without physically modifying teh guitar. E to E polepiece spacing is 2 inches. The pickups are available in reverse wound/reverse polarity as well (ALNICO / D.C. Resistance = 9K).
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