Furman SPB-8 Stereo Pedal Board/Power Conditioner
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At Winter NAMM 2001 Furman Sound is introducing the SPB-8 is a pedal board that not only securely holds up to eight stereo or mono effects pedals, but it also is a convenient way to transport and use your pedals. The SPB-8 provides Furman's Power Conditioning to everything that is plugged into it.
"Furman's new SPB-8 Stereo Pedal Board/Power Conditioner is a very unique product," commented Joe Desmond, Furman's VP of Sales. "Our engineers have turned what is usually assembled in a musician's garage into a professional guitar product. It works with either mono or stereo effects located either on the pedal board or in a rack. It has two amplifier outputs as well as either mono or stereo effects sends and returns. There are three surge protected AC receptacles for providing power to amplifiers or other peripheral equipment and eight 9 VDC regulated and individually protected 1/8th inch power outlets that provide power to the pedals."
"When we were doing our market research many of the people we spoke to about this project were quite surprised that we were getting involved with this part of the industry," commented VP Marketing Steve Rose. "Although this product is somewhat out of the norm for us, we feel that it is in line with our basic business philosophy. Build products that fill a niche, solve problems and present a good value. The SPB-8's solid aluminum board insures both rugged construction as well as minimal weight. Its surface is covered with a large heavy duty Velcro sheet that will provide a secure grip to any pedal or effects box."
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