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NS Mini Headstock Tuner designed in conjunction with Ned Steinberger

As a reaction to the response to its original Chromatic Headstock Tuner, Planet Waves launched the NS Mini Headstock Tuner at Summer NAMM 2011 in Nashville TN. Its tiny, lightweight and convenient design allows it to be clipped to the back of the headstock and remain practically unvisible from the audience.
The NS Mini Headstock Tuner from Planet Waves uses the instrument’s vibration as its input and provides accurate tuning without the interference of ambient room noise. The accurate tuning software uses a sensitive piezo sensor system. Highly suitable for loud and dark stages, the simple, multicolor, backlit display shows the note name in red to indicate when the note is out of tune and green to reveal when the note is in tune.
“Designed in conjunction with Ned Steinberger, the new Mini Headstock Tuner is an innovative take on our original Chromatic Headstock Tuner,” said Brian Vance, D’Addario’s Director of Product Management. “Its minuscule design allows players to enjoy effortless and inconspicuous tuning – even on a dark, loud stage!”
The new Headstock Tuner is available as of August 1, 2011, a few weeks later outside the US.
NS Mini Headstock Tuner
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