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Peavey introduces the Penta guitar amp with five voicings

Unveiled at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2005, Peavey introduced the Penta, a single-channel tube amplifier with five totally different selectable EQ/gain voicings at summer Namm 2005 to the US market.
The Penta amplifier combines four matched EL34 tubes with four 12AX7 tubes and features ceramic tube sockets, custom transformers, high quality components and 140 Watts into 16, 8 or 4 Ohms. Using an analogue circuitry, this Peavey amplifier gives the guitar-playing world its take on five classic gain voicings on a single amp channel. These sounds are identified by corresponding icons and are accessible by a rotary knob. The Penta is for true plug & play guitar fanatics.
The Penta's "Star" icon reveals a classic British plexi voicing, while the "Bull" icon produces a modified British voicing with added gain and a tighter low end. The "Tree" icon lays on a thicker British voicing with a loose attack and slightly more gain, while the "Mudflap Girl" setting is a super-high gain voicing with a more responsive EQ and power amp section. The "Cactus" setting is fat and clean.
Further features of the Penta head include three-band passive EQ, master volume, presence control, custom USA transformers and a single-button footswitch. The Penta 412 Straight cabinet is specially voiced for use with the Penta amp head. Housing four 12" rear-mounted speakers, the cabinet is made of a 11-ply birch baffle and 1/2" poplar sides.
Peavey Penta
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