Maven Peal Zeeta out now in 30 Watts

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Maven Peal Instruments is proud to announce its popular Zeeta 15 model is now available as a 30 watt combo or head. Zeeta amplifiers introduced the Maven Peal Sag Circuit, a new power supply design that gives guitarists unprecedented control over the vintage sound of power amp distortion. With a signal path similar to a three knob tweed deluxe with two inputs, two volume controls and one tone control, the Zeeta 30 offers guitarists the same exclusive knobs as the Zeeta 15: Sag ontrol and Wattage control. Sag control allows guitarists to adjust voltage sag, or power amp distortion. Wattage control allows guitarists to select from 1 to 30 watts, allowing you to overdrive the power amp at whatever volume is appropriate for the venue you are in. Lower amounts of voltage sag give the amp a harder feel and brighter sound, while higher amounts of sag fatten up the sound and make the amp very responsive to your touch.
The Wattage control feature also allows guitarists to adjust the mix between the level of power amp distortion and the level of speaker distortion. Wattage control is not a Master Volume control - but actual control over the power amp. Additional benefits both Zeetas offer include elimination of power supply hum and complete freedom from varying wall voltages.
The Zeeta 30 is made with the same quality components as the Zeeta 15, including a finger-jointed pine cabinet hand-crafted by Vermont master craftsman Brian Jones and hand-wired signal path circuity. The Zeeta 30 comes with your choice of EL34s or 6L6s, as well as your choice of a Celestion Vintage 30 or G12H speaker.
The retail price of $4,100 for a Zeeta 30 combo ($3,300 for a head) includes an ATA certified flight case and shipping within the contiguous United States.
front and wiring of Zeeta 30
Zeet 30 Combo
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