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Radial launches Firefly Tube DI

Following the acknowledged JDV, Radial launched the Firefly Tube DI at 131st AES Convention in New York. The Firefly's front end circuit is a fully discrete class-A design and is void of any circuit stabilizing negative feedback. This produces a more open, less constricted sound. The Firefly is also equipped with Drag Control load correction that enables the artist to adjust the load on the magnetic pickup for a much more natural rendering. When bypassed, the load jumps to 4 meg-ohms enabling the Firefly to be used with piezo pickups such as is common with upright basses and other acoustic instruments. The exceptional warmth and detail is achieved by combining Radial's unique front end with an all new 12AX7 tube drive circuit. Radial Firefly Tube DI
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