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Carlsbro launches VAC series of valve amplifiers

Carlsbro VACCarlsbro launched the VAC series of three valve guitar combos and a separate head and cab at Winter NAMM 2012.exhibition and also introduced the new models at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012.
VAC is the first series in a complete range of backline amplification, designed in response to requests from the company’s international distributors for a high performance affordable backline amp range. The VAC series comprises the VAC 15 (15 watt), VAC 30 (30 watt) and VAC 60 (60 watt) combos (all into 4 ohms); the VAC 100H (100 watt into 8 ohms) head and matched VAC 412 4x12 cab complete the series. All amps feature spring reverb. Distributors and dealers reacted highly favourably to the styling, quality and performance of these amplifiers when they were shown ‘privately’ at Music China.
Also on show were the famous - and now re-engineered - 50 Top and TC series, reviving the Carlsbro tube heritage, hand selected components and authentic vintage tone throughout. The 50 Top head and 4 x 12 cab are available in classic red and black liveries, while the TC series comprises three classic combos and a 15 watt head and 1x12 stack.
The company also showed its series of upright digital pianos for the first time in the US and Europe.
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