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Zeeta amp with Sag and Wattage controls

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Zeeta with Sag and Wattage Controls Zeeta amplifiers are debuting the Maven Peal Sag Circuit, a patented new power supply design that gives guitarists the sound they traditionally had to turn up the volume to get, at volumes as low as 1/2 watt. "Since guitarists started using amplifiers over 50 years ago, they have had to turn the amplifier's volume up as loud as possible to enjoy the sweet sound of power amp distortion" explains David G. Zimmerman, Maven Peal's president and circuit designer. "Power amp distortion is what makes great players great. But loud distortion is also what gives guitarists tinnitus, a condition that causes periodic or even constant ringing in the ears."
Tinnitus is just annoying for some. But for those exposed to extremely loud sound for extended periods time, tinnitus can be distracting or even debilitating. An estimated 12 million people are suffering from tinnitus in the United States. Early amplifiers had to be turned up extremely loud to produce desirable power amp distortion. Unfortunately, most amplifier manufacturers today use the same basic power supply design Leo Fender used in the early 1940s to manufacture the very first amplifier, the K&F.
By producing power amp distortion quietly, the Zeeta is not only improving work environments for guitarists, but for studio engineers as well. By removing technical problems such as bleed through, varying wall voltages and pesky power supply hum, the Zeeta helps studio musicians and engineers save time and ultimately money.
The Zeeta offers guitarists Sag control and Wattage control. Sag control allows guitarists to adjust the amount of voltage sag, or power amp distortion. Wattage control allows guitarists to select the actual number of watts the amp is producing, giving guitarists the unprecedented ability to distort the power amp at whatever volume is appropriate for the venue they are in.
The Zeeta, in 15, 30 and 50 watt models, is made with audiophile quality components, including a finger-jointed pine cabinet hand-crafted by a Vermont master craftsman.
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