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Ashdown launch upgraded MAG range at Musikmesse 2012

Ashdown MAG-C410-600  4 x 10 inch 600 watt Bass Guitar Combo
Ashdown MAG-C410-600
At Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012, Ashdown announced the launch of the improved range of MAG heads and combos. After four years of the former MAG line, Ashdown decided they needed a little bit of an update. They didn't, by any means, look to change the wheel of the successful MAG range, but added a little more bang for the musician's buck with the addition of an overdrive control. This can be easily dialed in on the front of the amp and also foot switched in and out, using a standard single latching footswitch.
The overdrive is a valve/tube-emulated overdrive that is variable from a slight ‘edge’ or ‘warmth’ through to a fairly aggressive overdrive/distortion effect. The actual degree of overdrive applied to the bass signal is also dependent on the setting of the input level control. The higher this is set, the greater level of overdrive can be applied, using the overdrive’s own rotary control. Overdrive can be switched in with the push button above and to the right of the overdrive rotary control. The amount of drive applied to the overdrive circuit is adjusted using this rotary control. The overdriven bass signal is applied in parallel with the dry bass signal to ensure you never lose the full bottom end from your bass. Overdrive is situated after the compression, allowing for a sustained overdriven bass signal to be produced by adding a degree of compression along with the overdrive itself.
The new line of MAG bass heads and combos comprises MAG-C115-300 1 x 15” 300 watt combo, MAG-C210T-300 2 x 10” 300 watt combo, MAG-C410-600 4 x 10” 600 watt combo, MAG-300H 300 watt head, and MAG-600H 600 watt head. The Ashdown line of MAG Cabinets is the same as before, however, they have all had a cosmetic upgrade, now including the Ashdown double wing logo and newly sourced heavy duty vinyl covering.
Ashdown now offers a 5 year warranty.
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