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Best in Show award for Lâg guitars

Best in Show for LAG Guitars At the 2012 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville. Lâg’s new line of electric guitars received recognition in the 'Best in Show' category. During the final morning of the Summer NAMM Show, six industry experts discussed their favorite products from the convention at the 'Best in Show' event, a NAMM University educational session. The panelists offered views on the best companies, products and services they saw during the NAMM Show.
Donovan Bankhead, Vice President, Springfield Music in Springfield, Missouri, selected Lâg Guitars for the 'Best in Show' Category, commenting, "They introduced this line of electrics that just blew me away. It's at a really, really popular price point. The tops are ridiculous. A lot of times, you'll see a guitar that looks gorgeous, then you pick it up and the frets aren't done right and it's not set up well. Not with these guys. It's set up perfectly."
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