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Maven Peal ships all Zeetas standard with natural finish

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After extensive research and development, Maven Peal Instruments. is shipping all Zeeta combos and head guitar amplifiers with a clear four-coat catalyzed lacquer finish. Citing high costs in sound, labor and to the environment, Maven Peal is drastically reducing the use of the tolex covering that is traditionally used to protect and adorn guitar amplifier cabinets.
Guitar amplifier combo and speaker cabinets are designed to resonate, and 3/4" solid pine is considered the optimal wood to create resonance. Nevertheless, tolex (a type of flexible vinyl) is used industry-wide both to conceal and protect the wood. This practice essentially dulls the wood's ability to resonate and conceals the quality of wood used to make the cabinet. With a four-coat catalyzed lacquer finish, Zeeta cabinets are allowed to resonate without the 'tolex muffle,' allowing the wood's heart and soul to sing through.
"After receiving a few comments from our tolex man concerning fumes coming from the glue, we did some research, and what we found was upsetting," explains David Zimmerman, Maven Peal's president and circuit designer. "When I considered that tolex is basically vinyl, designed to be a substitute for rubber, I began wondering why in the world we're putting a thin sheet of rubber around a 3/4" solid pine cabinet designed to resonate. And when we heard and saw what's been hiding underneath, we were inspired."
The catalyzed lacquer used to finish Zeeta cabinets is stronger and more stain resistant than the polyurethane used to protect wood floors, and meets KCMA/HAPS specifications. Tolex is made by combining petroleum, natural gas or coal with salt through a "crackling" process that requires chlorine. The glue used to secure tolex is made with petroleum, naphtha, hexane, toluene and acetone.
The Zeeta's trademark burgundy tolex is still available, but due to the cost to the environment and to the humans who work with tolex, an additional $200 charge applies.
Natural finish is standard now for all Zeeta compbos and heads
11/2002 pro-music-news

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