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T-Rex Effects upgrades Møller and Sweeper pedals to level 2

At Winter NAMM show 2103, Danish effects pedal manufacturer T-Rex Effects introduced two “next generation” pedals, Møller 2 and Sweeper 2. Both pedals were showcased at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013 and will be presented at Summer NAMM 2013, Nashville, Booth #305 (Hall A).
The Møller 2 delivers the same classic analogue overdrive that made its predecessor one of T-Rex’s most sought-after pedals. Named after Danish guitarist Knud Møller, for whom the original pedal was designed, the fully analogue Møller 2 features a more durable “Voice” toggle switch and easier-to-read control knob graphics. The pedal features a 0-20 db Clean Boost, as well as a Mix control which lets you dial a clean/distorted ratio. At full distortion the pedal is designed tpo provide the sound of a vintage tube amp at full volume. Turning the mix knob down the clean signal starts to shine through, allowing for a clean, softly-clipping sound that retains the feel and dynamics.
Like its predecessor the original Sweeper, Sweeper 2 is a pedal designed to be used intuitively and producing an exquisite chorus effect for bass guitars, strictly working on the frequency range of a bass guitar. In addition to easier-to-read control knob graphics, Sweeper 2 gets an upgrade to its algorithm in order to provide an even warmer, more vintage chorus effect no matter what depth or rate the pedal is set at. The pedal can be used in mono mode, but it also features L and R outputs which deliver a true stereo chorus in a stereo studio or live setting.
T-Rex Møller 2
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