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Fender Johnny Marr signature Jaguar wins MIPA 2013

Enthusiastically received at Winter NAMM 2013, Anaheim, the Fender Johnny Marr signature Jaguar guitar also was nominatated for the Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) and actually won the trophy which was announced at the MIPA ceremony at Musikmesse 2013, Frankfurt.
The Johnny Marr signature Jaguar is a non-standard version of the model that is as distinctive as the sounds Marr wrings from it, with a wealth of highly specialized features including custom-wound Bare Knuckle Johnny Marr single-coil neck and bridge pickups; custom-shaped maple neck based on Marr's 1965 Jaguar, with vintage-style truss rod, lacquer finish and Marr's signature on the front of the headstock; four-position blade-style pickup switch mounted to the lower-horn chrome plate (bridge, bridge and neck in parallel, neck, bridge and neck in series); two upper-horn slide switches (universal bright and pickup switch position four bright); Jaguar bridge with Mustang saddles, nylon bridge post inserts for improved stability, chrome cover and vintage-style floating tremolo tailpiece; and "taller" tremolo arm with arm-sleeve nylon insert to prevent arm swing.
Marr is best known as the dynamic and influential guitarist behind Manchester quartet the Smiths, which virtually redefined and ruled U.K. pop throughout the 1980s. Marr has always brought his own instantly identifiable sound to the proceedings, as he has done in post-Smiths stints with The The, Electronic, the Pretenders and Johnny Marr and the Healers, and right up to the present with Modest Mouse, the Cribs and many guest appearances.
Fender Johnny Marr signature Jaguar guitar
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