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Yamaha adds three models to its THR range of guitar amps/recording interfaces

Building on THR10 and THR5 guitar amplifiers and computer recording interfaces, Yamaha introduced three new models at the 2013 Winter NAMM Show. Offering hi-fi stereo amps providing multi-effects and classic amp modeling, the THR lineup is designed to serve as a guitarist’s third amp, after their stage setup and practice rig. The THR10 was nominated for a MIPA 2013 in the section 'Best innovative product' but actually won the trophy as Guitar Combo. Musikmesse International Press Award winners were announced during Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013.
The THR range is geared toward at-home practice and recording, combining Yamaha’s proprietary Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology with playback capabilities in a low-profile, retro-style design that fits on a desk or table. New guitar amp sounds and modeling effects are now available in three distinct styles that appeal to a wide range of players. Each models come with the Cubase AI6 DAW software for professional recording and the THR Editor offering the ability to customize any amp and effect parameter. They also offer hi-fi stereo playback that blends music audio with the guitar sounds.
The olive green THR10X is designed to deliver commanding high-gain distortion and the response of a cranked, high-output stack. Suitable for hard rock, metal, alternative, punk and other heavier music styles, the THR10X features five different channels from three amps.
Players who enjoy jazz, blues and country styles should appreciate the sound and feel of the dark metallic navy THR10C. Providing the response of a boutique tube combo and five different amp modes, the THR10C is designed to enhance the player's picking dynamics and playing style.
The gold coloured THR5A offers a new way to experience acoustic-electric guitars (including Yamaha’s Silent Guitar models) by providing simulations of classic tube condenser and dynamic mics, combined with studio-grade effects, to create recording studio tone direct from the guitar. This model should appeal to the singer/songwriter, folk, fingerstyle and acoustic blues player.
Fully portable, the battery powered THR amps also include an input for an mp3 player, a USB direct input, near-zero latency computer recording and hi-fi stereo playback that blends with the guitar output. When connected to a computer, the THR also functions as a monitor and it plays back audio from a plugged-in iPhone, iPad, CD player or other external device. In addition, the free THR Session app lets guitarists learn songs faster by slowing down selections without losing audio quality or changing pitch.
Yamaha THR10C guitar and recording interface
“When we originally launched the THR line, we knew the concept was a game-changer,” said Dennis Webster, marketing manager, Yamaha Guitars America. “These three models expand on what has proven to be an exciting series. Different players have different styles, and now, we’re able to offer each of them a useful and fun product that not only sounds great, but really embodies the ‘one box’ concept at a tremendous value — not to mention they look good in the office, living room or studio.”
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