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Vox launches new VT Series of tube-powered modeling guitar amplifiers

Vox has expanded its line of Valvetronix tube-powered modeling guitar amplifiers with the introduction of the new VT Series 15-Watt VT15, 30-Watt VT30, 50-Watt VT50 and 100-Watt VT100 combos. As with all Valvetronix models, these amps feature Vox's patented Valve Reactor technology. This proprietary design uses a unique 12AX7 tube circuit to create a fully analogue power-amp circuit that delivers true valve amp sound and feel.
Based on Vox's acknowledged AD Series, these new models deliver even more advanced modeling and effects. Features include 22 authentic amp models from the latest high-gain amps to legendary vintage and boutique amplifiers; 12 high-quality effects ranging from familiar standards such as chorus and delay to new effects such as a pitch shifter/harmonizer; reverb sports its own independent level control; 66 preset programs ofb which 22 are famous song presets which simulate the signature tones of famous guitarists; eight 8 footswitchable user programs for creating and saving custom amp and effect combinations; built-in speaker-emulated headphone/line-out jack for playing in private or connecting to a mixer. Optionally available is the VFS5 footswitch, providing hands-free program switching and allowing users to turn effects on/off, or to set delay time and modulation speed.
The amps' bold looks provide a modern twist on traditional VOX design, combining the metal grills of the previous Valvetronix AD Series with new cream chicken head/pointer knobs that pay homage to Vox's heritage. Each model features Vox custom-designed speakers as well as user selectable output power that allows the Valve Reactor to be saturated at even low volumes to deliver authentic tube power amp sound, response and feel. In addition, external speaker output is provided on VT50 and VT100, and an effects loop on VT100.
The VOX VT15 and VT30 will be available in October 2008. The VT50 and VT100 will be available in December.
Vox VT series
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