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Billy Sheehan Signature Drive pedal by EBS

At Winter NAMM Show 2013, Anaheim, EBS released the Billy Sheehan Signature Drive pedal which was developed in close co-operation with legendary bass player. The pedal will make its European show debut at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013, Hall 4.0E64.
The new pedal is based on the concept of merging a clean signal with a distorted one in order to preserve low frequencies and achieve a balance between distortion and definition. A built-in compressor can be used to keep the note differentiation clearly audible even at heavily distorted sounds.
Providing a a clean loop and a drive loop, the pedal offers unlimited pre/post mix tone shaping. The user can insert any external effect to each loop and create a personal 'signature' sound. Adding a graphic EQ to the drive can change the character of the distortion or adding an external compressor to the Clean Loop instead of using the on-board effect also is one of the options.
The larger enclosure offers controls for Drive (gain for the overdrive engine), Tone (mid control for the drive), Level (sets level for drive channel post Drive Loop and pre final compressor) and Clean (sets level for the clean channel, post Clean Loop and pre final compressor). The internal compressor features modes High, Mid and Off. The level of compression on the Mid setting can be determined by the user through an internal trim control.
Billy Sheehan is pleased with result, “This pedal is a distillate of several important principles in the signal chain for bass. Compression, distortion, tone-shaping and blending all together.”
- Billy Sheehan Signature Drive pedal by EBS
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