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Improved performance of the Albion ABH800 Concert Bass Series

A year after the Albion ABH800 Concert Bass Series was unveiled at Musikmesse 2012, Albion founder and designer Steve Grindrod decided that some "...further development would be very beneficial to its stately performance". Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013 saw the ABH800 taken to the next level.
The ABH800 System comprises the ABH800H bass amplifier featuring an all valve preamp circuitry, the matching ABH800PA power amplifier module and the 'tuneable' BLS610H cabinet. Already providing 800 Watt of RMS power, the ABH800H combined with a BLS610H cabinet is a powerful and highly versatile bass amplification. The matching ABH800PA module plus a BLS610H cabinet can considerably upgrade the power and volume of a basic ABH800H setup, it also can be used with any external mixer or preamp-unit as a keyboard monitor system, for example.
The ABH800H's hybrid design provides a versatile tube pre-amplifier circuit using four 12AX7 valves. The preamp's signal path features an input gain with a -10dB pad followed by a contour equalizer (switchable low, mid, high), a switchable high pass filter and bass and treble controls. A 5-band mid-equalizer which can be switched on/off provides five octaves for a highly flexible sound control matching any genre and playing style. The last tube driven stage of the preamp hands over to a solid state side chain compressor with gain and threshold controls plus a slow/fast response setting.
The high-power amplifier (uses Constant Current output and) emulates the behaviour of an all valve power amp with a large output transformer. The output can be switched to use either one or two of the 8 Ohm BLS610H cabinets without loss of amplifier power.
Taking the ABH800 system's versatility even further, the BLS610H cabinet offers a 3 way full range speaker system equipped with four 10" long throw stacked magnet drivers covering the low end, two different 10" speakers for the midrange and a compression driven mid/high horn system. Accessible at the front of the cabinet, a system controller provides phase switching either for the full system or for the midrange only and selectable crossover frequencies (2kHz/4kHz) for the large elliptical horn system which also can be set to low/high output or completely switched off. The controller also provides a signal powered visual signal indication and a horn-protection circuitry. No additional power supply for the cabinet is required.
Cabinets and power amps use Speakon connectors. At its rear the ABH800H offers a tuner output, a balanced direct injection XLR connector with ground lift, an effects loop with level and bypass switching, slave-amp jack connector, and a resettable circuit breaker.
Albion ABH800H with BLS610H
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