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Powerful pickups and stylish guitar straps by DiMarzio

DiMarzio announced seven new guitar pickups, new cables, and additions to the strap range including locking clips at winter Namm 2006.
The Mo'Jo pickup was requested by Joe Satriani as a more powerful replacement for the 'Fred' on his Ibanez guitars without sacrificing the Fred's clarity, dynamics and harmonics. The Mo'Jo in the bridge position is designed to match the PAF Joe in the neck position.
Area 58 and Area 61 are Strat replacement pickups offering the best qualities of Strats' pickups from the 60s and the late 50s. The Area 61 was designd to reproduce the steely, yet woody-sounding tone of the 60s Strats with no hum and fitting all three positions. Combine a 61 in the bridge positon with a pair of vintage Area 58, and DiMarzio promises all the sound from Nashville to Texas in one guitar.
Offering the the performance of DiMarzio's Super Distortion humbucker the Super Distortion S and Super Distortion T were developed as Strat and Tele bridge size pickups.
The X2N and the D Sonic are now available as 7-string versions delivering the same qualities as their 6-string counterparts.
Still giving the modern look of uncovered pickups, DiMarzio's Chrome Tops are available with all humbuckers with 12 polepieces. A veneer of of solid metal is bonded to the tops of the coils, hand polished to a mirror finish.
The new DiMarzio Guitarlock system features a stylish lock and key design securing the guitar strap to the guitar. It is designed to provide long life and will not come loose under normal playing conditions.
DiMarzio also announced several guitar straps such as the new standard button-on ClipLock Faux Fur strap, a black Cordura version, Italian Leather ClipLock, Calf Skin Designer Strap, and a Soft Chrome Designer strap.
DiMarzio Mo'Jo replaces The Fred
Area 58 vintage Strat replacement pickup
Super Distortion S
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