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Starr Labs introduce new Ztar MIDI guitar models

The Z6S-XPA, new flagship model of the Starr Labs Ztar line of professional MIDI guitars is shipping, the other new model Z5S is scheduled for shipping in summer 2010. Starr Labs Ztar allows a guitarist to control the vast world of synthesizers, samplers, and computers, accurately and expressively.
The Z6S-XPA expands on the Z6S Ztar adding new features and functions geared towards providing the professional musician with ultimate control of performance, and creativity of composition. Six velocity-sensing strings with a revised “Adaptive Static Mapping” triggering system, advanced analogue front-end, and processing algorithms contribute Starr Labs' fastest, most sensitive and reliable triggering system so far. The six zero-latency string-triggers by 24 fret touch-sensitive color-keyed fingerboard, six pressure and velocity-sensing touch-pads, six fully programmable pots, and an Ableton Live control panel matrix make the Z6S-XPA suitable for playing, performing, and controlling all aspects of synthesizers, samplers, sound modules, and software.
Being truly polyphonic, the Z6S-XPA can simultaneously play multiple notes per-string, used for creating exotic harmonies and two hand styles that can’t be performed on a regular guitar. The cutting edge touch-sensing color-keyed fingerboard has been developed with 32 separate programmable zones, each with its own channel, voice, transposition, tuning, hammer-ons and sensitivity settings.
Ztar Z6S-XPA
Ztar ZS5The strings themselves have programmable tunings, and each key on the entire fingerboard may be tuned independently as well. The embedded arpeggiator and programmable auto-chording system may be assigned to separate fingerboard zones and/or frets. This fingerboard system is highly suited for drum mapping when percussion or loop playback is called for, or chord mapping when accompaniment in composition is needed.
The six programmable rotary pots and touch pads can be used for setting up and controlling synthesizer modules and computer music software such as Ableton Live, Reason, and Kontakt. You can also send up to eight MIDI messages simultaneously such as Volume, EFX, modulations, LFO rate, and Filter cutoff. Finally, the Z6S-XPA is the first MIDI guitar controller to incorporate a dedicated Ableton Live control matrix panel.
Starr Labs' Z5S is is designed to be the Ztar answer for the traditional guitarist looking to enter the realm of MIDI sound, composition, performance control. The Z5S body and neck are constructed of solid maple and finished in a classic 3-tone sunburst.
The Ztar Z5S features include zero-latency string triggers, 24-fret polyphonic touch-sensitive fingerboard, octave and patch change keys, 4-way programmable joystick, rotary volume control, and two pedal ports, communication via MIDI and USB or optional wireless. The software offers multiple custom user tunings, six mappable zones, guitar-style and tapping-style performance, and full MIDI clocking.
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