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Michael Angelo Batio has a blast on Mach VII Jet Double

The Mach VII Jet Double is the latest custom instrument by Dean Guitars. Designed by Dean B. Zelinsky, the guitar was made for Michael Angelo Batio. Dean built the world's first double neck guitar for Michael twenty years ago. The company has recently brought the popular guitar virtuoso back to host a series of free guitar clinics around the world. Michael has toured in over 30 countries, recorded dozens of projects and is well known for his instructional videos including "Star Licks" which sold over 100,000 copies.
Dean Guitars have earned respect in the music industry for over two decades. Not only for beautiful, high quality instruments, but unique custom designs like the famous ZZ Top Spinning Fur Guitars, Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55" Guitar, the Budweiser Bowtie and the Coors Silver Bullet guitars to name a few.
The Mach VII Jet Double was modeled after the MACH VII guitar produced in 1985, the last guitar put into production in the Dean Guitars original Chicago factory. Batio, possibly being the only one in the world who can justly play a guitar of this style, is truly ambidextrous. He plays the new Jet Double several ways including individually both right and left handed, one hand on each neck simultaneously or with the whole guitar flipped upside down and held high over his head.
Zelinsky says, "I added the military jet finish to exemplify the astonishing speed and precision that this guitar will be played with because watching a Batio performance has the awe factor of watching an F15 Fighter Jet takeoff."
Michael Angelo Batio's  Mach VII Jet Double Guitar
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