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Hughes & Kettner launch revolutionary Quantum bass range

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At winter NAMM 2004 booth 5876, Hughes & Kettner unveil their Quantum range of combo bass amplifiers. Powerful as a large rig yet light as practice amp, all Quantum models offer both the beefy punch and handling ease of a tube amp and the flexibility and precision of solid state amplifiers.
The initial launch consists of four combos. First up is the QC310, having a single 10" speaker, boasting 250 watts and weighing in at only 17.5kg. Next is the QC412, which has a 12" speaker, pumps out 400 watts and again comes in under weight at only 19.5kg. Same output of 400 watts and sporting a 15" speaker the QC415 is the next in line, still light weight at 24kg. Equipped with two 10" speakers and again boasting 400 watts comes the QC421. The heaviest in the line only weighs in at 29 kg.
A tube power amp enhances audio signals with transients. These added frequencies enrich the spectrum, making each note sound more concise and louder. 100 tube-driven watts simply sound louder than 100 solid state-powered watts. But tube amplifiers' weight-related drawbacks are backbreaking and budget-busting. That's why Hughes & Kettner's R&D spent years researching tube power amps' tone-shaping processes and eventually developed Dynavalve technology. Rather than coloring the sound of a solid state amp, Dynavalve makes the amp behave just like its tube-driven counterpart.
Quantum amps' inputs feature the Tube Touch Circuit. Resistant to high gain saturation, it offers natural and direct response to the players' touch. A practical feature for the gigging musician is the Tube Growl knob controlling compression and tube saturation. Parallel EQ technology (usually only found in high-end studio gear) reduces undesirable filter effects, transforming the four-band EQ into an effective, sound-sculpting tool.
All Quantum amps are loaded with speakers featuring Neodym magnets. Not only does this technology reduce weight significantly, it also creates a more concentrated magnetic field for improved impulse response.
Quantum series loudspeakers were designed with integrated HF systems. While the 10" speakers use parallel membranes (dual cone design) to this end, the 12" and 15" woofers feature a machined aluminum dome (DuraDome) rendering the voice coil's high frequency output. Both of these technologies deliver true response, a wide pattern of throw and a rich overtone spectrum without the inevitable phase shifting of crossover driven horns.
The Quantum development team designed cabinets that make the most of resonances. Intelligently engineered and arrayed panels and bracings and the housing's robust, six-ply Okumé plywood deliver punchy low-end projection and balanced midrange resonance.
Four bass combos in the Hughes & Kettner Quantum series
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