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Line 6 upgrades direct guitar recording PODxt models

Line 6 announced a free update for PODxt and PODxt Pro. The version 2.0 upgrade improves the overall sound and capabilities of both products.
The upgrade includes four additional amp models, four band semi-parametric Post-EQ, full-time vintage studio compressor model, double the available memory for saving presets, output mode specially optimized for use with the Bose PS-1 monitor system, and other software and user interface enhancements.
Using the built-in USB connector of the PODxt and PODxt Pro, users can connect to a Windows or OSX computer and download the upgrade. "With each new product we work on, we learn something new and make improvements," said Mark McCrite, POD Product Line Manager, Line 6. "Important advances in tone developed for our products like HD147, Flextone III and Vetta II are now free for PODxt an PODxt Pro users to enjoy with the release of version 2.0," said McCrite.
Along with a new intelligent updater tool, Line 6 Monkey, and a newly redesigned Line 6 Edit (Windows and OSX Editor/Librarian), version 2.0's architecture also allows further upgrades like the newly released Model Packs, which offer the Line 6 customer the opportunity to download more of the amp and effect models directly into their PODxt or PODxt Pro.
Different types of Model Packs are available to suit different styles of guitar playing. "While PODxt products offer tones suitable for everything from bebop to metal, an individual guitar player typically will have a certain style that they play," continues McCrite. "The metal player now has more than twice the number of different high-gain amp models to choose from, the effects tweaker now has plenty of new synth and filter effects, and so on," explained McCrite.
'Metal Shop' offers 18 high gain amp models from the Vetta II and the super-powered HD147, F/X Junkie delivers 30 additional effects models including synths, filters, delays, choruses, compressors, plus overdrive and distortions. Collector Classics includes 18 amp models based on boutique combos, sought-after vintage heads, and pawn shop treasures.
07/2004 pro-music-news
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