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Expandable version of the all-in-one guitar FX-pedal cable

Stage Magic announces the introduction of the all-new PedalSnake G2 system. Featuring many enhancements over the original G1 PedalSnake, the G2 offers guitarist the ability to expand or change their pedal setup without sacrificing their original PedalSnake investment. Stage Magic's patented 'FX pedal solution' that carries both instrument audio signals and low-voltage effects-pedal power in a single cable eliminates the clutter of cables that run between a musician's effects pedals and amplifier, without multiple pedal-power supplies, unnecessary guitar cords and AC power extension cords. G2 provides a single, flexible, multi-line 'snake' cable which is easy to handle onstage, easy to coil for storage, and quickly plugs-in with its color GuitarLines and low voltage PowerLines.
Since guitarists change their rigs so often, PedalSnake G2 is a 'system' concept, providing the confidence of a lifelong investment. A total of eight mono guitar lines and power lines is now possible, as well as stereo audio foot switch lines and different power connectors.
"The Generation 2 PedalSnake is an exciting entry into the guitar FX pedal market," says Jody Page, Stage Magic President. "The interest from the pros has been phenomenal. We are providing a product that delivers the performance and functionality of the original G1 Series, but has the added adaptability and expandability that musicians have demanded for their changing rigs. Our new MIDI interface connector was chosen as a highly reliable connector, and now allows the immediate use of MIDI."
PedalSnake G2 uses high quality twisted-shielded-pair microphone cable which is specially wired to eliminate crosstalk between unbalanced GuitarLines and PowerLines within the snake.
PedalSnake G2 expandable all-in-one guitar FX cable
08/2004 pro-music-news
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