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T. Miranda custom effects launches new stomp boxes

T. Miranda Custom Effects announces three new true bypass stomp boxes, overdrive pedal Scream x3, distortion pedal Eruption, and phase-shifter Rotor-phase.
Scream x3 is designed to deliver more clarity, sustain and punch than any other overdrive pedal. As a bonus users can change the Fat-drive tone between an overdrive, a fuzz, and a preamp.
Eruption is a distortion pedal with a sonic spectrum going from blues to hard rock with ease. A toggle switch (hard/soft) will give you option of a hard-rock sound or creamy vintage sound.
T. Miranda's Rotor-phase is a phase shifter with very distinct characteristics. It can produce a sonic range from a subtle coloration to radical rotating speaker sounds.
Eruption by T. Miranda custom effects
10/2004 pro-music-news
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