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Metal guitar legend Dimebag Darrell returns to Dean

Dean Guitars announces to have signed Dimebag Darrell to an exclusive endorsement agreement with an extensive line of USA made and imported model Dimebag guitars to be introduced in January 2005.
Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot to death as he took the stage at a venue in Columbus, Ohio on December 8, 2004.
Dimebag Darrell started his career over 2 decades ago playing almost exclusively Dean ML guitars. Dimebag began his rise to fame in the 90s with Pantera. The group earned several Grammy nominations and went right to the top of the Billboard charts. Dimebag is on tour blazing his way across the US on his new Dean Guitars to the delight of thousands of fans with his new band Damage Plan. The band has exploded into the metal scene with a heavy tour schedule promoting their debut album 'New Found Power'.
"Being back with Dean is like coming home to me. Its where I started. I was missing the massive crunch, tone, sustain and effortless playability. Having Deans back in my hands has put fun back into my guitar playing like I was driving a car with 3 cylinders and now Im back to 8 and burning nitro," says Dimebag.
Dean Guitars owner, Elliott Rubinson comments: "Dime is definitely one of the most influential guitarists of all time. Anyone who has heard him play knows that. In addition this guy has the personality and aura to match. Having him back with Dean is the biggest thing to happen to Dean Guitars in the 7 years that I have owned the company. The Dime models we have planned will blow away any Dimebag fan."
12/2004 pro-music-news
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