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New generation of Roland bass amps

Employing proprietary FFP and Active Speaker Control technology for fast response and high-quality bass tone, the Roland D-Bass amplifier series were launched at winter Namm 2005. Two combo models (115 and 210) offer different wattages and speaker configurations to accommodate a variety of needs and tastes. A powered extension speaker (model 115X) adds another layer of punch for performers who play larger venues.
Active Speaker Control allows the D-Bass to faithfully reproduce the incoming signal of the original bass, controlling its speaker movement to match the input signal. FFP (Feed Forward Processing) is a DSP-based process that analyzes incoming signal and maximizes it before it hits the speaker.
Equipped with high-performance/low-weight neodymium speaker magnets, each new amp is powerful and easy to transport. Industrial-strength, smooth-rolling casters make the job of getting from gig A to B even easier.
Vintage, Modern, and SuperFlat COSM preamp models of the D-Bass 115 and 210 preamps deliver a wide range of tones beyond that of a traditional bass amp. Detailed sound adjustments are possible with the 4-band EQ, including a dedicated Tweeter Control knob.
Both 115 and 210 D-Bass amps are equipped with pro-quality solid-state compression, plus a Tube Logic section. Derived from Roland's BluesCube , the improved Tube Logic produces the type of fat and natural compression associated with vintage tube amps.
Designed to be a perfect match electronically and physically for the D-Bass 115 or 210, the 115X provides 300 crushing watts of add-on power for the extra volume and punch required by larger venues and stages. The 115X has a switch for Full Range or Sub Woofer mode, affording players the flexibility they need to maximize their rigs from stage to stage.
Roland D-Bass 210 combo
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