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Elixir anti-rust plated plain steel strings

Launched at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2005, the new Elixir anti-rust strings are the first full set of electric guitar strings providing a much longer tone life and feel of uncoated strings.
Every time you slide up to the top frets and tear off your favourite solo, you leave a trail of oil and dead skin in your wake. This not only leads to loss of tone but is also a major cause of broken strings. Having already redefined players' expectations with their Nanoweb and Polyweb coating for wound strings, Elixir Strings has now set its sights on the plain steel string.
The secret behind the new anti-rust strings is the proprietary alloy plating that inhibits tone-killing corrosion.Elixir promises the new plain steel Elixir Strings to last up to three times longer, still maintaining the feel and sound of a dues-paying guitar string.with a crisp tone and comfort beneath the fingertips.
The new sets encompass three wound strings with Nanoweb coating and three anti-rust plated plain steel strings available in Super Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Baritone gauges.
anti-rust badge on the package of new Elixir strings
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