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Mario Parga and friends to perform in Fishman booth at winter NAMM 2009

Considered one of the world's most gifted guitarists, Mario Parga will be performing during Winter NAMM show 2009 for Fishman Acoustic Amplification on Saturday January 17th at 2:00 PM in Booth #4258, Hall C, of the Anaheim Convention Center. Parga will be performing an all-acoustic set amplified by Fishman with his friends Graham Bonnet (vocals: Rainbow/Alcatrazz/MSG, Marbles), Tim Luce (bass: Alcatrazz/Savage Paradise) and Eric Ragno (keyboards: Vox Tempus/Savage Paradise/Takara).
Acknowledged as an exceptional sweep arpeggio player in the 'shred’ genre, Parga combines complex arpeggio patterns with rapid alternate-picking, sweep-picking, tapping and string bending. He was recently listed as one of the fifty fastest players in the world based on a scientific note clocking study. Besides his incredible speed, Mario is also known for his highly emotive slower playing.
An official Fishman endorser who is working on an all-acoustic instrumental solo album entitles Distant Dreams, Mario has long admired Fishman equipment for "its natural sounding acoustic tone" and is currently using the Nylon and Dreadnought Aura Imaging Pedals.
Parga toured, played and recorded with numerous artists, most notably as a solo artist and with Cozy Powell, Graham Bonnet and Forcefield. He has released several albums including The Magician and Entranced.
Mario's new band Savage Paradise features Tony Martin (Black Sabbath/Tony Martin Band) on vocals, Tim Luce on bass, Eric Ragno (Takara/Vox Tempus) on keyboards and Kevin Valentine (Kiss/Cinderella) on drums. The band has already started work on their debut album slated for release this summer.
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