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Beautiful Flaxwood guitars from Finland with a different approach

There have been attempts to market electric and even acoustic guitars which were not made of traditional tonewoods. Different synthetic materials as well as hemp or even ceramics were used, but none of them really reached a break through. Now Flaxwood guitars from Finland hit the market. These beautifully looking instruments are made of a high quality, stable, and environmentally friendly material called Natural Fiber Composite. Flaxwood's approach is to make a better guitar with long sustain, rich sound, broad frequency and dynamic range as well as trouble-free tuning using a material that surpasses the best known tonewoods.
There are five models available, the RZZ with f-hole and tremolo, the chique Rautia, the basic Blacksmith, the Fairlane with three single-coil pickups, and the Rec offering two humbuckers and one single coil. Fairlane and Rec were unveiled at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2005.
All instruments feature a body with Flax resonator, a large choice of oiled and solid finishes, quality black or chrome hardware by Schaller and Gotoh, passive electronics, pickups by Schaller and Seymour Duncan.
Flaxwood Fairlane
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