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Lehle incorporates transformer for high quality splitting

Both incorporating a high quality 2-coil transformer, Lehle P-Split and Dual were launched at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2005 expanding the range of high quality Lehle Switchers to the next level. Lehle's original LTHZ is a ferrite core transformer consisting of two coils with very high inductivity at a scatter of -100dB and therefore ideally suited for the electrically isolated transmission of high-impedance signals, such as a guitar's Hi-Z pickup.
The Lehle P-Split provides 'passive splitting' with maximum signal fidelity routing the instrument input to two outputs feeding two amplifiers on stage or providing a second instrument signal for a mixing console. As output A is electrically isolated from uutput B by the Lehle LTHZ ground loops are impossible. In addition, the Lehle P-Split also features a gold-plated-contact phase-reversing and ground switch.
The Lehle Dual offers switching between two outputs which again are electrically isolated using the LTHZ transformer and Lehle's acknowledged, gold-plated relay technology. Separate gain controls on the outputs provide extra versatility.
Lehle Dual
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