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Mantel and North to perform at winter Namm show

StageMagic announce the addition of Eric Mantel and Ronny North as PedalSnake endorsers. Both will be performing at StageMagic's booth #1504 at winter Namm show 2006, Anaheim.
"PedalSnake is an incredible piece of gear," says Eric, Chicago based guitarist who is revered as one of the most innovative players. "Over the years I've experimented with so many pedal rigs and the cable mess, that I reached the point where I was ready to throw up my hands - until I came across PedalSnake, which is the only snake that allows low voltage and audio to co-exist in the same snake without loss of tone, which is critical to me, or noise. Being a pedal freak, I can now experiment with all sorts of combinations and I never have to tear up my base rig." From raunchy slide blues to smooth melodic melodies and searing riffs, his sense of rhythm and unique tones defy description. He achieves his versatility by employing a wide range of techniques, including finger picking, slide, off the wall harmonics, tapping and using 15 different tunings.
Ronny North plays his own signature brand of instrumental guitar rock featuring ferocious, screaming lead riffs, intertwined with unique and melodic rhythms. "I am always on the lookout for products that will enhance my setup," says North. "PedalSnake is without a doubt one of the most innovative pieces of gear I've come across. We're getting ready to re-do my entire rig. The new rig will feature a Laney head and the new TC Electronics G-System multi-effects switching system, a tuner and a pedalboard with a Morley Wah and the TC Pedal board. In the rack I'll have the TC effect unit and a couple of pedals in the switching loops. My 2 Custom PedalSnakes feature 1 midi line, 2 pairs of audio and two power lines. One PedalSnake is longer than most (I am not bragging) as I will be playing on some big stages in the next couple months and my rack will be very far from me at these shows. PedalSnake is going to make setup and teardown a snap."
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