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Maven Peal RG88 2-channel switching tube guitar amp

Maven Peal Instruments is shipping the new RG88 2-channel switching guitar amplifier which is the first two-channel amp to offer power tube switching, Maven Peal's proprietary new Chime knob, along with the patented Sag knob for each channel. In addition, Maven Peal's money-saving BiaSmart system and Sag Circuit eliminate the need for a bias trip to the tech, a power conditioner and a line regulator.
"The RG88 is the result of about just under a year of development, starting with a basic concept, and then incorporating ideas and suggestions from customers," explains David Zimmerman, Maven Peal's president and designer of the RG88. "By incorporating as many customer ideas as possible, we came up with amp like no other. From tweed to modern, the RG88 delivers, at one watt up to 88.
Maven Peal RG88 2-channel switching guitar amplifier
Based on a low-power tweed twin design, the RG88's two channels can be used with the same, or different flavor power tubes. The front panel's two sets of "Tubes 1&4" and "Tubes 2&3" switches allows you to select from two different sets of power tubes for each channel. Also, it is possible to measure and adjust the bias (idling) current in each individual output tube from the back panel, in seconds, without taking the amp apart. Because you bias each tube individually, even unmatched tubes provide excellent results.
Wattage control allows to continuously adjust the actual number of watts the amp is producing, from one to 88. Sag control adjusts voltage sag or power amp sag. Lower amounts of sag give the amp a harder feel and brighter, punchier sound, while higher amounts of sag fatten up/compress the sound and make the amp very touch responsive. The combination of the Sag and Wattage controls allows you to overdrive the power amp at whatever volume is appropriate for the venue you are in. The Sag Circuit eliminates power supply hum, reduces bleed-through during recording and regulates the wall voltage.
The RG88 offers separate Chime, Bass, Middle, Treble and Sag controls for each channel. The back panel has 2x4 Ohms, 2x 8 Ohms, 1x16 Ohms speaker jacks and a lineout. The RG88 is made with audiophile quality components, two JJE34Ls, two Winged 6L6s and five Tungsol 12AX7s. RG88s are available in black tolex heads, as well as naked pine and tolex 1x12 and 2x10 combos, commemorating U.S. Atomic Veterans with a donation for every amp sold.
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