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Celestion introduces the 'Celestion Gold'

Celestion announces the introduction of its next generation Alnico guitar speaker, the Celestion Gold. Designed for players wanting the legendary 'Blue' tone with greater power handling capability, the new Celestion Gold employs improved heat management, enabling it to be used in higher power combo and with modern 4 x 12" amplifiers.
Featuring the same design elements as the legendary Celestion Blue, including the distinctive bell cover and solder-only tag panels, the Celestion Gold is a 12" speaker that boasts a 50-Watt power handling.
According to Celestion Head of Sales and Marketing, Paul Richardson: "The goal was to take our flagship speaker, the Celestion Blue, and use it as the template to create an all-new 'Contemporary Classic' Alnico driver with enhanced power handling capability, without compromising either tone or specification. To guard against this, hours of painstaking research and development effort have been invested to ensure that the 50-Watt Celestion Gold is exceptionally close, in both tone and specification, to the original Alnico Blue speaker."
The speaker comes in a distinctive vintage gold color and will be hand-built at Celestion's factory in Ipswich, England.
Celestion Gold guitar speaker
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