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Ted Brewer Violins launches the electric violin Vivo²

Launched at the British Music Fair 2006 in Birmingham, the electric violin Vivo² by Ted Brewer Violins made its international debut at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2007. Frankfurt also saw the launch of the 5-string model.
Vivo² has been produced in response to high demand for Ted’s handmade electric violins. Vivo² combines high quality standard features with technological advances. “The sound is stunning”, says the Vivo²’s designer and maker, Ted Brewer. “We’ve used a new carbon fibre bridge design and an advanced TBV audio system. We’ve streamlined the violin shape and used a light, tough polycarbonate frame. For musicians who really want to put on a show, the Vivo² translates sound to light in a super bright LED display that illuminates the length of the instrument to really bring a performance to life."
The Vivo² uses a Monococque frame composed of advanced polymers and an ebony fingerboard and chin rest, with a carbon fibre bridge, aluminium tailpiece and Grover tuners which enable ease of tuning. Ted’s own designed microprocessor controlled piezo pickup provides a unique sound. The onboard microprocessor memorises settings applied to the 4 volume and tone touch buttons, even when the PP3 battery is removed. As well as a 1.4” jack socket, a headphone socket makes practice more flexible and with its own amplifier, gives an onstage monitoring source.
The violin saves on battery power by switching itself off automatically when not being used after about 4.5 minutes, and as the battery voltage reduces, an led indicator illuminates and all light displays automatically switch off, saving power for the audio output.
The Vivo² is available in clear, purple and blue with metallic particles and completely clear.
Ted Brewer: “The British Music Fair 2006 was the perfect launch pad for the Vivo², which really has to be seen and played to be believed. People came along to see and hear first hand what new technology and great design can do. This is the first violin that we will have produced to be more widely available – and we want people to be able to go into music stores and experience it firsthand.”
Ted Brewer has been designing and making violins since 1993, constantly developing designs and experimenting with new technologies and features. Ted produces around 25 handmade instruments each year, and the Vivo² marks a departure into more readily, widely available violins.
Ted Brower Violins introduce Vivo
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