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Limited offer of two sets of strings plus free multi-tool

In parts of Europe Elixir offers a limited promotional pack containing two sets of Elixir Strings Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steel Strings (9’s or 10’s) plus Elixir Strings' acclaimed Multi-Tool.
Thanks to their innovative Nanoweb coating, guitarists who play Elixir Strings don’t find themselves changing their strings too often. When the time does come to string up your axe, however, you’ll be glad you remembered to put the Elixir Strings Multi-Tool in your gigbag. This device caters for every aspect of guitar maintenance, from the pliers you’ll need to remove old strings from your machineheads to the slot-in winder that you’ll use to get your guitar back in tune before the audience heads for the bar. There’s even a mini torch, meaning that the Multi-Tool can be used anywhere from the backstage area to your bunk on the tourbus, plus a special protective pouch for safe-keeping.
These promotonial packages are in limited numbers.
promotional set by Elixir
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