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Boss and Fender team up for vintage amp pedals

Fender’s amps of the ’50s and’60s are beloved and coveted by guitarists around the world. Boss and Fender have teamed up to give guitarists unique Fender tone combined with Boss technology, sound quality, and reliability. Introduced at winter Namm show 2007, the new FBM-1 and FDR-1 bring the natural, fat, rich, bright tones of the 59 Fender Bassman and snappy overdrive tone of the 65 Deluxe Reverb to a Boss pedal format.
The FBM-1 includes the same controls as on the original Bassman; Presence, Treble, Mid, and Bass EQ . In addition to the true tone quality and durability, this new pedal offers BRIGHT IN providing an even brighter sound, similar to the original Fender Bassman.
The FDR-1 has the same controls as on the original Deluxe Reverb; Treble, Bass, Vibrato, and Reverb. Both pedals have an added Gain control as well.
These pedals also function perfectly as a “pre-gain pedal” placed before an already overdriven vintage or modern amp to add the famous tone character of the Bassman or Deluxe Reverb.
Fender’s Ritchie Fliegler states, “We’re constantly being asked…Of the many distortion devices out there, which one do we recommend to bring out the overdrive in these classic amps – and keep that Fender tone intact. Frankly, they’ve all left us a bit cold in some way or another. After working with Boss on this project — the answers are the FBM-1 and FDR-1.”
These new pedals fall under the class of a new series of Boss pedals called the Legend Series, products based on legendary products of the past.
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