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Crate ships FlexWave series amplifiers

Unveiled at winter NAMM show 2007, Crate started shipping the FlexWave guitar amplifier line in late 2007. “FlexWave is a rugged, roadworthy line of amplification equipment that features the amazing tone of the FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp,” said Paul Meisenzahl, Crate product manager. “We designed the FlexWave line for guitarists who need consistent, superior tone from their stage and practice amps.”
The combos and heads feature FlexWave Evolution 5 preamps with Sequential Cascading Gain technology and 3-band EQ for precise tone shaping. The 65-watt and larger models include onboard Digital Signal Processing (DSP) effects. Crate’s Channel Tracking feature automatically remembers which DSP effect is assigned to each channel. All FlexWave cabinets, combos and heads are covered in rugged Tolex vinyl.
The FlexWave line includes the FW15, a 15 watt combo with an 8-inch speaker; FW15R, a 15-watt combo with a 12-inch speaker and reverb; FW65-112, a 65-watt, 3-channel combo with a 12-inch speaker and DSP effects; FW120-212, a 120-watt, 3-channel combo with two 12-inch speakers and DSP effects; FW120H, a 120-watt, 3-channel head with DSP effects; and the G412A (slanted) and 412B (straight) speaker cabinets with four, 12-inch speakers.
Crate FlexWave 120H with G412A cabinet
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