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Elixir Strings Guitar Stand Promotion

With a broken guitar you wouldn't need any strings, would you? In a smart offer set to keep guitars safe, Elixir Strings has introduced a special pack that contains two packs of Anti-Rust strings for acoustic guitar plus one free travel stand. The set is available at European dealers in 2007.
Unlike ‘normal’ strings, which lose their tone under the sweat and strain of live performance, leaving you with a flat sound and a bored audience, Elixir Strings for acoustic guitar feature a Nanoweb coating that prevents corrosion by protecting the Critical Zone of Tone. The result is a string that delivers crisp tone and comfort for at least five times longer than standard strings would.
With its tough tripod construction and no-nonsense operation, this compact guitar stand ensures your guitar is always ready for action, while the adjustable format means it can accommodate electric, acoustic and even bass guitars. Maybe it’s time you took a stand…
Treat your guitar with new strings and a travel stand
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