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Hartke unveils HyDrive

Hartke HyDrive 112c
Hartke HX810
At winter NAMM show 2008 Hartke has introduced a new line of bass gear called HyDrive, a brand new speaker design with greater power handling. After spending more than three years on development, Hartke has revolutionized speaker design with the fusion of paper and aluminum cones, providing the best of both worlds for today’s bass players.
Hartke’s HyDrive technology offers the warmth of traditional paper, while incorporating the punch and attack of aluminum. The patented Hybrid Cone Technology uses an outer paper cone for low, deep frequencies and an inner aluminum cone that produces punchy, articulate mids and highs. Using neodymium magnets and a cast aluminum frame, each HyDrive speaker weighs 40% less than a traditional bass speaker, yet handles 250 watts of power.
“These days, musicians want versatility,” says Stu Hamm, Hartke endorsee. “Contemporary bassists are looking for products that won’t limit their style of music. We want power, we want tone, we want punch and we want control over all of it. The HyDrive speakers offer great sound and the amps provide complete control over your tone. From heavy-metal to jazz or anything in between, HyDrive has you covered.”
Hartke’s HyDrive comprises three cabinets, three amps and three combos. The HX115 offers one 15-inch, 500-watt HyDrive hybrid cone speaker. The HX410 has four 10-inch, 250-watt HyDrive hybrid cone speakers with power handling of 1,000 watts and the HX810 cabinet has eight 10-inch, 250-watt HyDrive hybrid cone speakers for 2,000 watts of power handling. Each cabinet has a 1-inch Titanium compression driver for extended range and is equipped with a high-frequency attenuation switch as well as 1/4-inch and Speakon output connectors. The HyDrive cabinets feature stainless steel grills and inset side handles. The HX810 also comes with built-in steel casters and a diamond kickplate, while the HX410 and HX115 each come with four removable steel casters for easier transport.
Hartke's Kilo amplifier offers two separate power blocks that deliver a true 1,000 watts in bridged mono or 500 watts per side in either stereo or dual mono. The Kilo also boasts a 10-band graphic EQ, Tube EQ, 1/4-inch and Speakon output connectors, Shape Control, Bass Attack Overdrive and other features to have control over your tone. Featuring a three-rackspace chassis, milled aluminum faceplate and oversized handles, bassists can travel with the assuredness that the Kilo is totally roadworthy.
In addition to the Kilo, Hartke has also announced the LH500 and the LH1000, providing 500 and 1000 watts respectively. Both amplifiers have a 12AX7 Class-A tube front-end design for warm tone with an edge along with a two-rackspace metal frame chassis, steel faceplates and handles for easy toting from gig to gig.
Utilizing the classic design of the original KickBack, Hartke also introduces three combos that are versatile and lightweight, yet still deliver enough power and tone for live performance needs. All three combos offer 250 watts of clean, linear power. The HyDrive 112c offers a single 12-inch hybrid cone speaker, the HyDrive 115c has a single 15-inch hybrid cone speaker and the HyDrive 210c has dual 10-inch hybrid cone speakers. All three have a 1-inch Titanium compression driver for extended high frequency range and are equipped with 7-band graphic EQ, bass and treble contour controls, Shape Control and Bass Attack Overdrive. An effects loop, footswitch jack and XLR balanced direct output are also onboard. All three have the same solid plywood construction and extensive bracing as the larger HyDrive cabinets.
The HyDrive series of cabinets and combos offers the power and tone for any performance or recording application in any style of music. The Kilo and LH amplifiers perfectly complement the HyDrive cabinets, while offering the versatility to work with any cabinets.
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