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XOX Audio Tools launches the Handle guitar

After a long period of development, XOX Audio Tools launched the latest commercial versions of the Handle carbon fiber guitar at winter NAMM show 2008 and at Musikmesse Frankfurt. Improvements include a choice of inlays, the Handle’s sleek black carbon fiber fretboards come standard with the single-dot inlay, a sharp 12th fret marker in mother of pearl; or as an optional add-on the zig-zag inlay, a white resin inlay. The Handle also features a truss rod for individual setup.
Carbon fiber, originally developed for the aerospace industry, and used in F1 race cars is ultra light and incredibly resistant, it won’t bend or deform under high temperatures or humidity. The extreme rigidity of this material combined with the Handle’s mono-chassis construction favors smooth transmission of acoustic vibrations for long sustain. Its hollow section creates a resonance chamber for extra warmth.
The Handle is a high-end guitar. The all European construction begins with the highly skilled and technological carbon lay-up process, and is decked out with top of the line American components such as; two DiMarzio pick-ups, a Graphtech nut, Planet-Waves Autotrim tuners, and the Hipshot Babygrand bridge.
The Handle is also bulit for comfort with a slim 2-octave neck, light weight, and a concave body. Designed by Peter Solomon, the Handle guitar won the prestigious ‘Good Design’ Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum.
The Handle at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008
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